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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

Platelet-rich plasma

Medical Hair Centre’s new unique introduction of PRP for the UK market.

PRP is the future of hair restoration, this innovation in hair growth, will lead future hair loss sufferers to regrow their hair through non-invasive PRP technology.


Recently, the experts in scientific research have conducted ground-breaking hair growth studies that document the important role in PRP, this can play in restoring hair to individuals experiencing hair loss or thinning, through the innovative new process of hair replacement therapy.

PRP is essential to hair regeneration because it can:

  • Repair the damage and degeneration of systems
  • Divide infinitely, providing an unlimited supply of many different cell types within the body.

PRP is finally, a research-based, medical approach to reversing hair loss and encouraging new growth of your own hair! Cell therapy for hair growth, an innovative treatment offered by PRP Hair Replacement Therapy, offers you the renewal you need to have a fuller, healthier head of hair.

Cell therapy is unique because it relies on your body’s own cells for growing hair. The human body fights disease and repairs damage to all of its organs including the skin cells that grow hair using a distinctive type of cell called a stem cell. These cells are powerful because when they divide, as all the cells in your body do, they don’t just make an exact copy of themselves they are able to produce the type of cell needed by each part of your body. Even if the skin cells on your scalp are dying, stem cells provide a solution by providing a perfect replacement; cells that are not only able to provide rejuvenation of the scalp, but to infinitely replicate and perpetuate growth.


PRP therapy is performed in 2 stages.

1. First, approximately 60-100ml of blood is collected from your vein. It’s very similar to having a routine blood test performed at your doctor’s clinic. The blood is collected by a nurse or perfusionist and placed in a special container. The container is then placed in a machine called a centrifuge where your blood is spun for approximately 15 minutes. When the centrifuge has stopped spinning, your blood components have now been separated. The concentrated platelets have been separated from your normal whole blood. The PRP that contains abundant growth factors is now ready to be applied to the scalp. The goal of this process is to increase the effects of PRP therapy in hair growth.

2. The rich concentration of platelets now has to be applied to the scalp where hair loss has begun. Topical anaesthesia is applied on the portion of the scalp where PRP will be injected. PRP applied by micro needle. Since it uses less pressure, the pain is minimal. Immediately, the highly concentrated PRP is injected in many different areas of the scalp.

Male Treatments

Who is PRP for?

Platelet-rich plasma is used for hair loss sufferers who have thinning hair or whose hair has thinned to its maximum level on the scalp, the follicles have to be active in order for PRP to be at its best.

  • PRP works best on people whom have moderate or intense hair thinning
  • PRP works best on both male/females
  • PRP works best on people whom are aged between 18 – 45
  • PRP works best on consumers whom have had or are having a hair transplant
  • PRP works best on individuals whom have been using different treatments for years but nothing has worked.


  • PRP can guarantee that you hair loss will stop and results will be seen within 4 sessions
  • PRP will not be as effective on consumers whom are completely bald and have no villus hairs on the scalp.
  • PRP is a non-invasive treatment method
  • 1 injection will be administered at one time and 4 sessions are required to see maximum density.
  • 1 session must be done every 3 months and within 1 year 4 sessions must be complete
  • 1 session will take 1 hour
  • PRP is a proven method for hair re growth and our technology has been approved by the FDA and is CE certified.


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