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Non-Surgical Mirco Grafting

Non-Surgical Mirco Grafting

We restore any hairstyle at any required length.

Often people are put off by conventional methods of hair loss treatment like surgery. This can be due to the time and length it requires to re-grow your new hair and the pain element. However this is no longer a worry as MHC has developed a non-surgical micro grafting procedure, which not only allows you to have your desired look instantly, but also gradually depending on your time frame.

Non-Surgical micro grafting was created after listening to our customers and understanding their concerns, it is not only an alternative to surgery but also it can be integrated seamlessly with your existing hair or transplanted hair.

MHC can restore any hairstyle at any required length and the most natural hair lines you desire! You have no limits – all you need to do is choose your style!

Conventional surgery is a process which many people avoid due to pain, scarring and general wellbeing. However imagine a procedure that has the same results as a surgery but there is NO pain, NO scaring, NO painkillers and gives you instantaneous results – Exactly this is a procedure that will not only GUARANTEE a full head of hair, but will guarantee NO pain.


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