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Intense Photo-Diode Therapy

Intense Photo-Diode Therapy

Intense photo-diode therapy will reinvigorate and stimulate follicles to maximise growth/output..

Intense photo-diode therapy is for individuals whose follicles have been excessively damaged by DHT (Di Hydro Testosterone); this’ bespoke’ treatment is specifically formulated for the individuals who require more time with our in-house technology products and more specifically a condensed treatment package which will be initialized for them.

The intense package will be provided to individuals who have lost or are losing majority of their hair. However once we have done our diagnostic consultation only then you will be advised if this package is suitable for you.

Intense Photo-Diode therapy will Reinvigorate and stimulate your follicles to maximise growth/output for individuals who are suffering greatly from DHT.

Photo-diode beams are used to penetrate the epidermis layer of your scalp and simulate the hair glands, greatly increasing the blood flow to that specific area where most damage has occurred.

With the increased output of intense Photo-diode therapy – (Evidential proof) Not only do we increase the stimulation of Photo-diode on a more regular basis we also incorporate a bespoke formula with increased strength to maximise and increase potential.

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