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Hair System Managment

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Hair system management program.
Helps you maintain your hair, ensuring it lasts longer than ever before.

MHC provide men and women around the world a Hair System management program, which helps them maintain and sustain their hair, ensuring it lasts longer than ever before.

Most individuals work hard to get a full head of hair but tend to lose focus on maintenance, this causes them to lose more hair or any progress made on their hair in the near future.

MHC’s hair management program has 4 steps:

  • Clean and wash your new hair with bespoke MHC-bio specific shampoos
  • Remove any debris from your scalp, ensuring it is clean and ready for your micro- grafted system
  • Using MHC-proscopic technology, we analyse your micro grafted system to see if it needs any further work in order to eliminate discomfort to the scalp.
  • Create a hair style best suited to your facial features with our fully trained MHC-stylists this process should take no longer than 1 hour.

The above process is unique to MHC whereby we make sure that an intricate diagnosis is done on every micro grafted system, allowing us to give a prognosis on the unit.

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