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Female Volume Extentions

Female Treatments

Hair extensions
have become a must have addition to regular beauty regimes.

It’s no secret that hair extensions have become a must have addition to our regular beauty regimes, evidence of their longer, more volumised and shiner effect is made evident on some of our well-loved celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Cheryl Cole, Rihanna and Britney Spears. MHC want to help make your hair look just as good, if not better but without the celebrity price tags! We have a unique, tried and tested method that will out shine your standard conventional hair extensions that not only ensures your hair is tailored to fit your look and style but also extremely comfortable you will most certainly forget you have extensions in.We know how amazing our instant fusion extensions are, but do you… We have taken the liberty to outline the difference between our extensions in comparison to others commonly available on the market.


Clip on's

Hair pieces attached to clips which you can then clip directly into your natural hair

  • The hair clips have to be clipped onto sections of your own hair to stay in, this can weigh your hair down and pull on your hair as a result overtime can weaken your hair follicles.
  • It can be made evident that you have clip on extensions in your hair, especially with ones placed closer to the scalp, you then have the hassle and inconvenience of always having to check whether or not any of them are visible!
  • It can also pose as extremely uncomfortable and not generally recommended to sleep with clip on’s in.


These are tiny braids that are woven directly into your natural hair.

  • Ideally you will need to have medium to thick natural hair to start with for the weave to attach to firmly, if you have fine hair this is not really an option!
  • They can be fairly uncomfortable when in, as they are known for generating tension on the head.
  • You need to be caution when bathing or involved in any activities relating to water like swimming.


Sealed hair extensions are plaited directly into your natural hair

  • A binding agent (form of glue) is attached to your hair in order to keep the extensions in place, overtime can severely weaken your hair and even lead to balding.
  • In some instances the weight of the extensions on your scalp can lead to headaches
  • You need to be caution when washing/combing your hair and handle with care, otherwise you could pull out sections of your extensions.


Female Treatments

Not only will you receive a free one on one personalized consultation with industry experts to ensure we exceed your expectations, you will also walk away with the following outcome:

  • NO strain or tension caused to your scalp or hair follicles
  • Virtually invisible to detect
  • PAIN FREE, during and after hair extensions are inserted
  • NO glue or wax used
  • Easy and hassle free to wash
  • Instant long hair if desired, without time or energy wasted in trying to grow your own
  • Instant low lights or high lights added to your hair without the worry of damage to your hair from dyes
  • FREE additional aftercare advice and support
  • Downfalls-  ZERO!

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