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Why do men care so much about appearance?
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Why do men care so much about appearance?

Why do men care so much about appearance?

Men are being polarized by the feminists and are competing to look as glamorous and can be by the modern men they see in poster boards and magazines around them.

Females on one hand look at appearance as a personal stimulant and by enhancing the way they look, they feel as if they can attract the opposite sex and use it as advantage in everything they do or want in life, why do men differ? well they don’t!!

Men think the same way, to feel attractive and look the best they can it gives a feeling of well-being and a confidence.

By achieving these goals they can strive for the perfect partner, the right career, the right circle of friends and the right social life to put them ahead of those that do and do not compete against.

It is natural for men to want the best partner and looks are used as a tool for them to attract the right type of opposite sex.

What exactly will man do to achieve these goals.

Over the last hundred years much has changed from the rough looking biker boys to the slick 70’s suited and booted look to the eighties punk rock to hip hop look of the 90’s.

With time we seem to be grooming ourselves more and more, there are so much more products out on the shops and they are fast selling because these companies understand we are conscious and we care every bit about how we look and how other’s perceive us.

We are even going as far as wanting to look as close to our favourite movies stars or even sport stars and they set the trend.

Do you now 6 out of every 10 male friends you have are doing something about their hair, well they won’t admit it but looking over the last 40 years more and more male and female are losing hair due to the stress of life the diet and many other aspects.

Let’s agree on this, you want assurance and now you have it!

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