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FUE (follicular unit extraction)
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FUE (follicular unit extraction)

Hair transplant has matured to an extent that it is unnoticeable; it was not always like this. In the early eighties the surgeons were removing entire plugs which contained 15-20 hair, this not only gruesome but also highly unnatural.

Fue stands for Follicular Unit Extraction, this is one of the most advanced hair surgery techniques available. Each individual follicle can have a cluster of hair from 1-4, based on age.

There is a massive misconception that surgery is a solution for all types of hair loss, but is not the case. It is an expensive solution and a solution that can require several surgeries which then can require a huge donor area.

Surgery will work for individuals that are past Norwood level 2, it is not recommended for individuals in the early stage of hair loss as it can destroy existing hair due to shock loss. It is advisable only to proceed with surgery once past a certain stage in your hair loss cycle and best for individuals whom are either on Norwood level 5 -7, considering they have enough donor area.

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