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Common Reasons for going bald
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Common Reasons for going bald

Hair loss is increasing a concern for many male and female individuals; the sharp increase in hair loss in both the sexes is not normal but can be explained.

Imagine this, you wake up at 6.30am get ready for work, rush your breakfast as you have to travel approximately for hour get to work for 9am or either 10am and hell breaks loose then back at home at 8pm with a take away. The current climate does not make it easy for you to stop your job as that pays the bills, work expects more and if you do not deliver there are 100’s that can replace you, the demand of keeping your job paying your bills and balancing friends and family life is not easy and this is the most stressful aspects of our current lives.

This pressure on a constant basis can stress and depress you causing severe hair loss or increase hair loss at a rapid rate.

The other problem is the supplements you use or the food you eat, ask yourself how many times a week do you have time to cook fresh veg or meat?

Possibly only for Sunday lunch and that’s if you’re not drunk from the night before, or catching up on your sleep.

Tin food take a way’s have excess amount of additives and any are not as safe as you think they can cause harm to your hair as well as your overall health.

Male/female pattern baldness can also be hereditary based all the current factors of life as mentioned above the hair loss can be excelled at an expediential rate.

There are many treatments but you must understand the reason why you are losing your hair, then identify the right treatment. It is imperative that you understand why it is offered to you.

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