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Best hair loss treatment?
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Best hair loss treatment?

There is not one treatment that is classified as the best, however there are many companies that seem to only offer such a low selection of treatments. FDA approved or not there is no guarantee it will work.

First you must understand who you are visiting, the selection of treatments on offer, and most importantly how they inform you about the possible treatments they are proposing you take. This will enable you to understand if they really care or just want to sell you a product.

Once you are happy with the treatment package, you must Understand the side effects of each products, I personally feel that it is not worthwhile achieving regrowth and simultaneously having loss of libido,(what is the point when you cannot be intimate with the one you love).

Seeing a good consultant is imperative they will explain the negatives and positives of a treatment, and most importantly they should have the decency to refuse treatment based on the expert knowledge.

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